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    I really love the response to this.
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    I read a hilariously great argument against this. It said that if a broccoli was found on a distant planet, scientists...
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    The bolded!!!!!
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    Plants are living, even the bacteria that causes strep throat is living. But nobody in their right mind would think...
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    bringing this back
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    Yup, a cell in a woman’s womb is alive, so are her brain cells, blood cells, ALL CELLS. "The concept of personhood is...
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    Right? Also, using the statement in the above picture as a valid argument, you could go as far as saying it should be...
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    I don’t see anyone shitting their fucking britches over all the single-celled organisms presented and generally...
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    with their logic that would be like protesting to save all of my live germ cells or something equally ridiculous
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    rabble you calm my immediate rage/panic responses to these posts you are amazing
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    I have a lot of fucking living cells in my uterus Ain’t nobody making a big deal about all those cells I’m killing when...
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    conversely, the germs you kill when you use soap and disinfectant are also alive. should we not be allowed to use...
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